Design your own 987 Relaxed Custom Fit Jeans and add your measurements for the perfect fit.

Easily measure your body for the perfect fit with the help of our guide. It is important to measure your body accurately. Please do not make any additions or deductions to your body measurement. Based on the fit and style selected our highly trained designers will make the appropriate adjustments as needed. Here are a few helpful tips to follow.

    • 1. Take a loose measuring tape, it could be cloth or plastic but a tape which is flexible. It’s usually called sewing tape or tailoring tape (not carpenter tape).
    • 2. Measure using the beginning of the tape and keep it firm.
    • 3. Wear fitted clothing when taking the measurements i.e. tights, yoga pants, leggings, jeggings, cycling shorts, etc.
    • 4. Measure your body accurately. Do not make any additions or deductions to your body measurement.
    • 5. If you need to provide additional information or specification with respect to your measurements (for example you want your actual jeans bottom, or thighs or hips to be of a particular length or size) provide it in “additional notes” when finalizing your order.
    • 7. Feel free to have a friend or relative help you take your body measurements. Or take each other’s measurements.
    • 8. Do not provide any measurements from any of your garments. Those are typically only mass production and not tailored to your exact body.

You can take your measurements either bare footed or wearing shoes whatever is more comfortable for you.

Once you place your order we will check all your measurements. If there are any issues, we will contact you. Now get ready for your perfect fit!

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Sustainable Materials Custom Fit Ultimate Comfort Denim & Hyde Waist Men


Begin by tying and wearing a belt, rope, or shoestring around the area where you want your jeans to rest. This is where you will wear your jeans (i.e. high waist, mid waist, low waist, etc.). This will also help you measure your length and crotch later. Measure the circumference. Your waist measurement will be the entire circumference of the area where your jeans will rest. So if you want a low, mid or high waist jeans you will measure the low, mid or high waist circumference and not your natural waist. While measuring, position the tape very close to the body without tightening.