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What are custom fit jeans?

8 Total body measurements for a 360 degree mold of your unique shape. The only jeans handmade using your exact body measurements. Designed and made to flatter your body without compromising your perfect fit.

Customize your jeans
Customized to your desired wash color.
Handmade to your exact body measurements.






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Customized to your desired hem length.
Customized to your desired distress level.
Customized to your desired style and cut.
Customized to your desired waist rise.
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it’s as easy as 123

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it’s as easy as 123

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Our perfect fit guarantee offers you peace of mind. If our custom fit jeans are not the most comfortable jeans you've ever worn or you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply exchange or return them for a full refund.
We guarantee our jeans

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What some of our customers say

Jenna B.

These jeans fit perfectly true to “size”
These jeans fit perfectly true to “size” if I can say that because you don’t really have a size with DH. You measure yourself and get them made for you. I’ve looked around online and offline and honestly I don’t know how they do it at this price because this type of service is like $500-$1000 and really only available at high end fashion boutiques. Thanks Denim & Hyde keep doing what you’re doing!

Merriem G.

I’m a woman with 3 kids
I’m a woman with 3 kids and my body has curves and I find it impossible to find jeans in stores these days. Well at least not jeans that are quality and fit right. Ordered the slim fit. Measuring yourself was a breeze. Actually kind of interesting to see your body in numbers. No regrets here. Take it from me if you want good fitting jeans with no hassles order from these guys. I hope they introduce more styles and more colors.

Helen J.

Ok so I have collected in my closet
Ok so I have collected in my closet a ton of jeans over the years. Some very expensive some really cheap. To be honest even with all those jeans in my closet I’m still always out on the hunt for that one jean that fits really well. Found them! So happy to be able to just order a pair of jeans for my unique body without having to go out and find it. Waste of time, frustrating, and sucks. High quality and to be honest the most important thing for me is fit. They have that covered.

Tameeka D.

These are my new favorite jeans.
These are my new favorite jeans. Bought all three fits in different washes for variety. I’m 5’5″ and weird hips to waist ratio so when I find jeans that fit my waist they are too small for my thighs and vice versa. These are a godsend. Love love love these!

Max B.

These jeans fit perfectly.
These jeans fit perfectly. I like the way they feel and I’m pleased with the way they are holding up day after day. The material is soft but doesn’t seem like it’ll wear over time. I wear jeans on a daily basis so I plan on purchasing a few more. So far so good!

Michael A.

As I have said in other reviews,
As I have said in other reviews, the Classic Straight Fit is my favorite cut. The problem is every manufacturer or brand has their “own” definition on how it should fit on me. So I usually end up going through a dozen brands and a bunch of try-ons before finding remotely resembling what I like. So have something made exactly how I want it to fit, can’t argue with that. Medium wash soft and sturdy. And they fit like a glove!

Henry N.

This is my 5th pair of D&H jeans
This is my 5th pair of D&H jeans and I still want to collect the rest of the colors. I wear jeans everyday for work and on weekends. So I like to have several cuts and colors. I measured myself (pretty simple if you follow the guide). I have re-ordered with the same measurements so far and the fit is by far better than anything I have ever bought in store. I recommend.

Thomas T.

Can’t recommend these jeans enough.
Can’t recommend these jeans enough. These are my new favorite jeans. Bought one pair to test them out. Sure enough the fit was pretty amazing. No real issues that I can think of. I have bought a few more subsequently. I’m 6’3″ and I’m not a fan of baggy jeans. The “straight” leg is not too loose but not too tight. Just wider than a slim.