At Denim & Hyde, our favorite number is ZERO. Everything we make is custom fit and made to order. There’s ZERO inventory, ZERO wasted materials and ZERO unsold products ending up in a landfill. Best of all, with our Custom Fit Guarantee you have ZERO risk. We told you we love ZERO.

We use a similar concept to Farm-To-Table. We call it Factory-To-Fit. Our clothing is shipped directly from our artisans to our customers; eliminating wasteful redistribution, repackaging and reshipping.

Boxes of cotton on bushes
Boxes of cotton on bushes

It all starts with raw cotton. Cotton is one of the most renewable and durable materials on the planet. At Denim & Hyde, We use denim produced with 100% natural and BCI certified organic cotton. Cotton is one of the best materials to up-cycle into other garments or into new jeans. Our jeans are 100% recyclable. In fact 15% of our denim is recycled cotton.

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Our clothes are made with maximum savings in mind. We like to save on water, electricity and materials. As a result, our customers also help reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on fashion and the perfect fit. It’s a win-win!